Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nashville Dog Ghost

If it's Sunday, I am doing laundry for another week on the road. While in Nashville, I got to meet Stephen Doster, author of the inventive and wonderful novel, Lord Baltimore. Stephen had recently experienced a dog ghost while driving home in Nashville.

A dog, he told me, moved into the road in front of his car. Then disappeared. Poof! It was just gone.

Of course, he was braking as fast and as hard as he could to keep from hitting the dog, which, Stephen said, was definitely no longer there. Or anywhere else.

Driving on, but much more slowly, a real dog then wandered into the street in front of Stephen's car in the same block. He easily avoided running into the real critter because the ghost dog had caused him to be going so much more slowly than he usually would.

The ghost dog and the real dog were different breeds, different colors, and different sizes. If occasionally ghosts have a purpose in mind, this Nashville ghost dog certainly did.

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