Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Ghost Cats

I am meeting so many wonderful people while driving the Southern highways this month. And nearly everyone has a ghost cat story to tell me, including my co-presenter at the Nashville's Southern Festival of Books, Camille Moffitt Headley. Camille's delightful family attended the festival and her mother verified the experiences of a family ghost cat.

Camille also showed photographs of ghostly presences in and about the haunted cave on the old Bell Witch plantation. These photos appear in her book, Bell Witch: The Truth Exposed. It was wonderful to see these images in large format. And it was wonderful to co-present with Camille, who has made a serious investigation of a previous overlooked haunted site in America.

If you are interested in haunted places in the South, this cave qualifies in trumps. Ghosts are so surely present that even the owner refuses to enter the caverns alone.

People I've met on the tour have been sharing many ghost encounters with me, and others are kind enough to take the time to email me complete run-downs of their ghost experiences. I am literally darting in and then back out of my house this weekend. As time allows I will share some of these intriguing ghost encounters with you (once permission is granted).

For now, I am off to Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Savannah. How fun is that! I'll wrap up the week at the Aiken SC County Library on Friday, October 24. Library appearances are my favorite because 1.) there is time to leisurely share stories with people, and 2.) we get to talk loud in a library. :-)


artgirly said...

Hey! How is the tour going? Missed you in Atlanta! I have given you the Uber Amzing Blog award- stop by my site to pick it up
take care, Nicole

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