Thursday, October 9, 2008

House of Ghosts - Gastonia S.C.

'Hi, Just a quick note to say I really enjoyed your presentation on ghosts at the Gaston County Library here in Gastonia. I thought the woman who said, "There were so many ghosts around our house they couldn't all get in," was really funny, but I could identify.' -- Marijoyce Porcelli

Gastonia was so much fun! About 50 people gathered and the ghost stories I heard couldn't have been better --- or more real.

I'm off to Knoxville Tennessee in the morning for a quicky TV nooner and then a visit to Carpe Librum Booksellers on the Kingston Pike. If you're in the area, check my schedule (at link upper right side on this page: Places I'll be in 2008) and drop by!

Then it's off to Nashville from there and onto Mississippi, Louisiana, etc. I'll be away from my computer and unable to post. I promise, though, that I'll be hearing several new ghost encounters along the way and I'll bring them all home with me.

Marijoyce, who wrote the note above, is an accomplished writer herself and has been sharing a couple wonderful family ghost stories with me. I'll tell more as time allows (if she doesn't mind) and my little Ghost Cats of the South tour winds to an end on Halloween.

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Kimberly Frost said...

Ghost -

I'm glad your recent travels have been fun. I've been thinking about ghosts a lot lately as I do research for stories. Some of the non-fiction is fascinating.

Safe traveling to you!