Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dead Rules & Lady Gaga Giveaway

There's still plenty of time to enter the I.B. Teen giveaway of a copy of Dead Rules and...

get this, win some brand new Deborah Lipmann & Lady Gaga "Bad Romance Nail Lacquer." The nail polish is blackened fuschia glitter!!

You can also read Perla's review of Dead Rules and an interview with Randy Russell (me) while you're entering the giveaway. Oh, you can click a button and listen to a robot read the review! I.B. Teen rocks!!


erica and christy said...

psst - Randy - no big deal on our side, but we're announcing a summer giveaway tomorrow and your book is included! So excited and we'll be sure to jack up your sales by at least 3. er... :)

GhostFolk.com said...

3 is wonderful. :-) See you there!