Tuesday, May 31, 2011


May 31 is I Heart Indies Day, (and boy do I!) sponsored by the rollicking, raucous, Sisters of Riot, YA authors Lisa and Laura Roecker.

It's pretty simple for me. One of the BEST reasons to live in or to visit Asheville North Carolina is the incredible independent community-based bookstore, MALAPROP'S.

Founded by Hungarian wonder woman Emoke B'Racz in 1982, Malaprop's is the heartbeatof Asheville culture, alternative culture, and counter culture (oh yeah!) that has drawn artists, witches, writers, chefs, musicians, dancers to these parts. Want to dress like a zombie every day of the week and read your poetry out loud to crowds in the park? Move to Asheville.

Asheville is the place in the South where we live the way we want to and it ain't just on weekends, kids. Asheville is Southern coolsville every day of the week. Oh, and the way we want to live is to have a bookstore exactly like Malaprop's. Whatever you're into, Malaprop's can dig it and has been for a couple decades now. Get yourself there right away. Giddy up.

Oh oh oh, be sure to check out the awesome Caroline Green (the YA goddess at Malaprop's)in my addendum post above. She sings!

Meanwhile, if you want to get Jungian on all things spiritual and philosophical, Asheville has just the bookstore for you, ACCENT ON BOOKS. From Jesus to ghosts to earth religions and back again, Accent on Books can find the perfect read to advance your own self-enlightenment and pair you up with some entertaining contemporary fiction, too.

My favorite "down the road a bit" independent bookstore is HIGHLAND BOOKS in Brevard, North Carolina. They have all the reads to make the scene and an incredible array of crafts and handmade jewelry, too. Oh, and they are mere inches away from Looking Glass Falls -- one of the best waterfalls in all South.

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