Friday, November 26, 2010

Beatrice! by fantabulous artist Joëlle Jones

Joëlle Jones, the comic book and graphic novel artist, found time to sketch a character from DEAD RULES for me. 

Beatrice and I are honored and delighted.   And, while everyone in Dead School is a little blue, Beatrice is pretty happy to see herself through Joëlle Jones' exceptionally talented hand!

Want to see some really fabulous comics art?

Visit Joëlle's web page by clicking here: Joëlle Jones.

& please keep in mind that the image(s) above cannot be used in any way, including re-posting on line, without the written permission of the artist. Thanks!

You may have seen Joëlle's original Oni Press graphic novel 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, produced in collaboration with writer Jamie S. Rich. Their most recent team effort, the hardboiled crime graphic novel You Have Killed Me, was published by Oni in July 2009.  Currently, Joëlle is hard at work on a Dr. Horrible comic written by Zack Whedon for Dark Horse Comics and two issues of Madame Xanadu with Matt Wagner and David Hahn for Vertigo.

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