Friday, August 7, 2009

Still Alive - But No One Else Is

My dogs think I am blind. This is because I get up early to write. Very early. The house is dark. I don't live alone. I step on the dogs.

In the dark, I knock over lamps. A bit of irony here, I think. Then I tumble across the floor in my underwear with an upholstered recliner in my arms. And somehow I manage to turn on the coffee.

I keep thinking, if I close one eye and leave the other one open, that I can see in the dark. I can't.

It might be 2:30 in the morning. It might be 3. Once I get the coffee on, I have had a successful day.

I took off a few months from most other activity to write a novel. Sadly, "most other activity" included doing this blog. The book is done now. And it is off to see the world (please, do not open books in the dark -- they don't like it when you do).

All the characters who matter in this novel are dead. What can I say? I do ghosts.

Speaking of having a successful day, the manuscript (is it really a manuscript when it circulates as a digital file?) of mostly dead people recently found a quick and lasting friendship with a wonderful agent, who has my ghosts now. I am very happy about that.


FARfetched said...

One of our new puppies is blind — she might fit right into your household… said...

Oh my, Farf! Let me know how he/she gets along. It occurs to me a blind puppy might think it's a chicken under the right circumstances -- or better, one of you. :-)

Astrology said...

This has been quite some time, and I'm curious how Farf's puppy is getting along.

As for you Ghostie, if you thought you were busy before, just wait until you have to start doing your edits!