Monday, December 29, 2008

Tennessee Ghost Cow

I met Mrs. Karyl Stewart at a book event in Knoxville and she told our little gathering about her experiences with a Tennessee ghost cow. Karyl recently posted to one of my October blog entries, asking if I would like to know more about her cow ghost experience. Yes!

If Karyl doesn't mind, I will provide a synopsis of her cow ghost encounter in a future blog post.

If you have had any encounters with animal ghosts, please feel free to post to this blog, or email me directly through my profile page. Thank you!


Byron said...

Great to see both of you today! When we get together--Westville Pub? Sometime the week of the 12th?--I'll tell you about Kate and the ghost of Abigail. Check your calendars and let me know. Smooches, bb said...

This sounds very doable. Byron, if you get the chance, please email me at Thanks