Saturday, December 20, 2008


A professionally edited few minutes of an interview with Mississippi Public Broadcasting includes the author's oral synopsis of the Ghost Cat story, A Patch of Fog.

I hope I got it right.

It may take a minute to load. My utter failure to use proper subject-verb agreement in conversation is worth the wait. :-)

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I answer the age-old question of why there are more Ghost Stories in the South. I fogrot to mention that Southern dirt is old dirt and it holds ghosts like toast holds butter.


Maison De Sante said...

I worked in a century old hotel that had ghost kittens. People would see an old woman in their room and she was always accompanied by a pair of kittens.

Of all of the ghost stories in that place, the kittens were my favorite. said...

Thanks for your comments, Maison. I've been off enjoying your blog, Dark Sublime. What a terrific site!

An old hotel with ghost kittens sounds just right somehow. :-) While researching, and collecting first-person encounters, for Ghost Cats, I didn't come across many kitten ghosts at all.

I did use a ghost kitten in one story, but it was based on establish ghostlore (a college dorm kitty that climbs into students' beds to nurse at night).

The other ghost kitten stories I came across were not happy ones and generally involved the once common practice of drowning litters of kittens. The image of this "practice" bothered me too much to write about it.