Thursday, September 22, 2011

Elf House, Ghost Dogs of the South

I'm sharing a letter (anonymously ~ from a reader in Edmond, Oklahoma) I received yesterday from a reader of GHOST DOGS OF THE SOUTH. The best part of writing is when someone likes what they read and takes the time and trouble to let an author know. Thanks, anon!

"I read most of Elf House this afternoon. I fell in love with Stanwell Perpett in the first two pages. Chaucer stole my heart, too. I wanted to live with them both, be a part of their life and the ducks! I loved the ducks, but I couldn't read past the pack of wild dogs and the icy pond... My eyes filled with tears. There was a lump in my throat and I couldn't, didn't want to know what happened, not yet at least.

"I mean I KNOW the story is going to end, but I didn't want it to. I loved those ducks and Chaucer and the thought of them dying and the possibility of Stanwell drowning trying to save them was just too much for me.

"I wanted to stay happy a little bit longer. I will continue reading and finish later, but I just can't now. You had me drawn into that story so deeply that it wasn't a story to me, it was real."

Elf House does NOT end sadly, btw.

My follow-up book of ghost stories, GHOST CATS OF THE SOUTH, is being released in paperback this month. You can browse inside and read one of the stories here: Ghosts by Randy Russell.

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