Monday, July 18, 2011

Living On the Air in Cincinnati

Dead Rules in Cincinnati at the Public library:

"Dead Rules. As embarrassing as it was to be killed in a freak bowling accident, high school junior Jana is not finding the afterlife to be all that great, either. Before her death, Jana had envisioned that her boyfriend, Michael, and she would be together forever. Now, though, she is stuck in Dead School, where she is supposed to be studying to become a Riser, and move on. Jana really wants to learn how to be is a Slider, so she can go back and get another chance with Michael. To do this, Jana enlists the help of Mars, a Slider whom, she can’t help noticing, is very handsome. But, nevermind that, Jana wants Michael back. Now if she can just find a way to achieve this without killing him, too. Just like Jana herself, this critically acclaimed, darkly comic story isn’t at all afraid to challenge all the conventions of the paranormal romance genre."

Now you can read the first 75 pages FREE online at Dead Rules by Randy Russell.

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