Monday, June 14, 2010

DEAD RULES #1 - The New Girl

It's bigger and MUCH prettier at youtube.

Click here: Randy Russell.Teen Ghosts.

A big thank you to Madison Meyer, M2 Productions!


Shirley Landis VanScoyk said...

Coool! as in... chilling!

Terry Stonecrop said...

Oh I love this. Cool and spooky!

Donna Hole said...

OK; creepy, intriguing. But, doesn't tell me anything about the novel. It is a novel; right.

Them red shoes have me interested; but not enough to buy the book on the strenth of the visual.

Got any more?!? said...

Hi, Donna! It's nice to hear form you again! The poor little teaser clip is standing alone at youtube where I have it hung on the web. Mostly, though, it is designed to be used in conjunction with something else (an interview, review, etc.) where the book will be described, explained, discussed, etc. I'm still a year out from pub and I'm not telling much of the story of the book to anyone yet. I'm afraid if I start, I'll tell it all. :-)

I'm so glad you had time to look. There is a second one and will be a couple more at least. Each one will be a Dead Rule. Well, that's my plan.

One of these days I am just going to have to own up and say it's a novel, though, you're right. I'm still shy about that. But I am sure the pulisher woud appreciate it.

For now, I'm not really trying to get anyone to buy the book. Well... because they can't. :-) That, and I really don't know anything about sales and I'm scared to (almost) death that I will come off like a used-car salesman. I kind of live in low-key land.

I'm thinking of hiring someone to be me when the book does come out and letting them "sell" it. Hope your weekend is a dandy one!

Medeia Sharif said...

I watched both videos that you posted here. They are amazingly spooky teasers.

TerryLynnJohnson said...

these are both so awesome! I want to read this book!!!

kelsey rivers said...

am reading this book in school. and omg it very good. im a not a big fan of reading, but since i started reading this book i cant put it down. its amazing. i hope you write more books like dead rules