Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Something about DELANEY COLLINS, F.G.

One thing about Delaney Collins, F.G., this girl likes to talk. (And I like to listen).

Another thing, most Fairy Godmothers have hobbies.

Live and learn, huh? Delaney didn't get to mention hers in the above post on Writing Teen Voice.

I just love what she's doing, so I asked her to share it here.

"I like to get old boots from thrift stores and redesign them," she confessed.

Shown here are sketches of a just few pairs she's made, or plans to make (once she gets the cash to buy more boots).

Forget glass slippers.

Nobody wears those any more.

To see more of Delaney's incredible boot designs, click
Delaney Collins Boots

P.S. I certainly do like the ghost reference in Delaney Collins' guest post above.

Then again, there's not much about Delaney that I don't like.

Novelist Kathy McCullough is the creator of Delaney Collins, F.G. (Random House 2011). Drop by her website by clicking Kathy McCullough.

If you're like me and would like to hear more about Delaney Collins and how she became a Fairy Godmother at such a young age, she'll tell you all about it herself. Visit Delaney's life by clicking Delaney Collins, F.G.

You won't regret it. Who knows, you may even get your wish.


Tess said...

how very clever ... and fun! said...

Thanks for dropping by, Tess! Delaney Collins F.G. will be guest posting later today on Writing Teen Voice.

Delaney has her own blog and it's incredible! I am in awe. Here's her bio line from her blog:

"I was born in New Jersey and am now stuck in sunny Southern California, where I go to high school, design boots and occasionally use magic to grant wishes."

Terry said...

The boots are brilliant! She sounds fun.