Sunday, January 31, 2010


Kathleen Duey is the author of more than 70 books for K-YA. Her most recent titles are in her series: American Diaries, Survival!, and Hoofbeats.

Dark, atypical fantasy is her new love. Her first YA novel, Skin Hunger, was a 2007 National Book Award finalist. Sacred Scars, the second book in the trilogy was released in August. She is currently working on the final book in the trilogy. You may visit her blog by clicking HERE.

Sometimes writing short says a lot. The incredibly awesome Kathleen Duey was kind enough to post a comment on Writing Teen Voice. Her commentary deserves front page treatment on my humble blog. So I am placing it here:

"I write for several age groups and love the internal-time-machine experience.

"Teens are loyal, certain, acutely aware of injustice. When there are revolutions, teens are generally in the front lines.

"And yes, rooms full of adults intimidate me. People with real jobs--!"

Thank you, Kathleen!


Gordon Jerome said...

I cannot believe a book would come out and not be available on Kindle. It really sucks in that I am interested in this book, but I'm not going through all the hassle to get it. Remember, Kindle books are right there for the impulse buyer. I'd get it in 60 seconds if it were available as a Kindle book?

But it sounds like a good book.

Kathy said...

I saw Kathleen speak at an SCBWI Conference. She is amazing, and amazingly profilic (as well as successful). Definitely a role model.

Gordon's comment is interesting to me as a new author. I'm not sure how much say I'll have, but comments like his are helpful to share with editors... said...

I am still in a state of wonder when it comes to & Macmillan.

Half what I read says one thing. The other half says another. Good for the publisher, author, reader. Bad for the publisher, author, reader. And all combinations of the two.