Thursday, December 31, 2009


Just a quick break from my revisions (work) hiatus to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR with music!

Please do click on the word "music" above to link to some WONDERFUL songs I have been using to write by.

Courtesy of columnist Jason Boog, who was kind enough to include my favorite music clips in a Dec. 31 article on music for writers.

Thank you, Jason.


Beth said...

Happy New Year to you and the bride, Ghostie!! Hope our paths will cross again in 2010.

rodeo Princess said...


I listen to classic music - Baroque, anything - not because I am high brow or educated or classy, but because I read an article a long time ago that said that Baroque music stimulated your brain. Or Blondie's Greatest Hits. one or the other.

Donna Hole said...

Pink Floyd and Enya for me, to start with anyway. Then I get really busy and go for clasical, or new age with no lyrics.

Seriously though, I can tune out anything and only notice when the silence hits.

Happy New Year to all, and good luck with the writing/revising.


FARfetched said...

Happy New Year, Ghost!

My writing music is, depending on my frame of mind, one of: drum&bass, downtempo trance/chill, or Goa trance (waaayyy uptempo). said...

Happy New Year all!

Baroque or Blondie, rodeo Princess? Hmmm... Deborah Harry it is. :-)

Donna: Pink Floyd (I know I'm supposed to think of The Wall, but I also get a picture of the barber on Andy Griffith wearing a dress).

FarF, Goa Trance! Clearly much research is required on my part.

True confession: I do once in a while plug in Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell album just to wake up when I start to work at word stuff.

Beach Baby Beth -- I'm sure.

Sorry to be so absent of late. Revisions are tough. Everything suddenly seems critical or something when I thought I was supposed to be having fun. Dang.

My deadline is Jan 15th (and I still have lots to do yet) ... so off I go back into my shed for a couple weeks.

Thanks for saying hello.

Gordon Jerome said...

Hey Randy,

Where do you get all those great ghost pictures? They're quite cool.

Gordon said...

Gordon, photos are from "Getty Images". Try a google on them. Lots of neat stuff there and one-time use in small format is very very cheap.

They charge a bit more if you want to use one for a bookcover, but some people do find bookcover worthy photos there.

Also, their archives are searchable by topic.