Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The image reminds me of the Music of the Spheres. This, in turn, reminds me to relate the Burlington, North Carolina musical messenger ghost encounter I heard recently.

A man in his forties sat alone at the back of the small library auditorium where I was sharing true ghost experiences just before Halloween this year. Many people in the audience joined in the conversation, sharing family stories, and we ran about 45 minutes beyond our schedule for the gathering.

Dave waited silently, patiently. He waited until everyone was gone. Over the years, I have learned that when adult males attend my little ghost events alone, they (usually) want to talk to me. Dave said he was raised in a musical family. His parents, aunts and uncles, siblings and cousins, all performed music publicly as regularly as most people eat supper.

The oddity among his family, David never took to music. Or vice versa. He could pick a little guitar, but it never really interested him and he had set it aside, he said, for many years. When his mother died, he got out his guitar and decided to learn to play her favorite song.

The song was difficult for Dave. He got most of it down, but there was one part of that song he just couldn't get right. He would go to bed at night with the guitar propped in the corner of bedroom. And the next day, every day, he would try again. Dave wanted to play the entire piece of music from beginning to end as a tribute to his mother.

I sat across from Dave in a folding chair as he told me the rest of his story.

One night, he said, he dreamed his mother. In this dream, his mother showed him how to pick the portion of the song he couldn't get right. She showed him how to move his fingers on the frets to get the licks moving smoothly from chord to chord. The next day, Dave played the song smoothly from start to finish.

"I never told anyone this," he said. "I was wondering, though, do you think that was her ghost in my dream?"

I smiled and winked.

I won't argue the point with people, but in my heart this certainly is a true ghost experience. I also like the idea his departed mother was listening to him practice that piece of music.

Having heard dozens of examples of recently deceased loved ones appearing in dreams with real life messages, I consider these "sleep" encounters as direct communication with the dead. And that's a ghost to me. I told Dave the same thing and asked if he had his guitar in his car.

"Nope," he said. "I never took to music, really."

He could only play one song.


The Rodeo Princess said...

Oh, Dave.... 4:17 am........been there, done that.

I love reading your stories, because when I do, I know I am not alone!

Loretta Ross said...

Loved the story! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

Also, I keep meaning to ask you, what is the picture you have at the top of your blog? The, I'm guessing it's a family group? The reason I ask is, the elderly woman on the left (my left, not her left) bears a startling resemblance to my oldest half-sister and the girl with the guitar looks quite a bit like one of our nieces. Probably just a coincidence, of course, but a weird one.

GhostFolk.com said...

Hi, Loretta.

The photo is of a mountain cabin family in Appalachia. I love it. First, the cat. :-)

These folks are all dressed up, for sure, for the portrait. But what intrigues me, besides the fmaily arrangement (mother-in-law with Bible?) is that each family member has with them a prized possession.

I can't quite figure out the relationships here. A couple with three duaghters is a possibility. The handsome young woman at right has such a fancy hat and that terrific necklace.

And each of the two younger girls has a musical instrument. Meanwhile, this is a poor family by our standards, but the daughters are obviously doted on.

And the man is proud of his potatoes!

I sometimes use this photo when I talk about Appalachian folklife. And I sometimes use it when I talk about mountain witches. I ask which of these people is a witch.

I get surprising answers.

Loretta Ross said...

I wish I had a picture of my oldest sister to show you how strong the resemblance is to the older woman! I'm going to have to bug her daughter for one. I did find a picture of my niece who I think looks like the girl with the guitar and I've posted it on my blog if you're interested. Sarah's in her late twenties now. The likeness, I think, is still there, but it was stronger when she was younger.

Bev (my sister) is into geneaology in a big way. Her main interest is nailing down the family's Native American ancestry and once, while reading a book about Indians who served during the Civil War, she found a picture of a cavalry officer that's the image of one of my brothers. She wrote the publisher, got in touch with the owner of the photograph and eventually concluded the man in the picture was their (they're my half-siblings) great-great-uncle.

Simon Hay Soul Healer said...

Great story. I communicate with spirit all the time. Often ghosts apear in dreams because we're in the right brain state. Thanks for the story.