Monday, October 19, 2009

TRUE GHOSTS in Burlington, North Carolina

I will be sharing true ghost experiences this weekend:

2 p.m Sat., Oct. 24
May Memorial Library
Burlington, N.C.

Ghost Cats of the South & Ghost Dogs of the South will be available. But I'm much more interested in hearing ghost experiences than I am in selling a books.


Beth said...

Have fun, Ghostie! Wish I could be there. One of these days!

Northwriter said...

The closest ghost-like experience I had was seeing a water spout on a lake. It was twenty-foot tall funnel cloud of water lifted and swirling around--a rare weather event. Lasted about ten seconds, then disappeared. I felt like I'd seen a ghost.

Gordon Jerome said...

Some people think ghosts are the manifestations of disembodied spirits, but I tend to think they are psychic impressions the viewer is experiencing of past events. Like precognition, but more of a post-cognition they couldn't have known about.

I actually think ghosts are a natural phenomena in that sense. I have logical difficulties with believing they are independent spirits manifesting themselves physically.

I'm open to other views on this, of course.