Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GHOSTS IN THE MAIL - With Applause!

I am fascinated by Mary's account of ghost applause in Virginia. She was kind enough to send this along to me and allow me to post her original telling of the encounter. Thanks, Mary!


When I met you at "City Lights" bookstore in Sylva, I promised to tell about my experiences when staying in a plantation house in Clarke County, Virginia. In brief,this is what occurred.

I spent 3 nights and parts of 4 days in one of the many plantation houses to be found in Clarke County. The first 2 nights, I awoke to a sensation of extreme cold (the infamous "cold spot".)

The 3rd night I was awakened by what sounded like applause, not in my room, but in the front of the house where the drawing room and dining room/ball room are located.

One afternoon, while standing in the entry hall, I heard what sounded like people talking. I knew I was alone in the house, but nevertheless I turned around. Of course there was nothing to be seen, but the sounds were real.

Perhaps the applause and the voices were connected in some way - a house party of some sort?! None of these caused me any alarm, but there was one further event that did.

I had been visiting friends, and returned after dark. I made my way towards my room, turning off lights as I went. I was in the entry hall, and looked up into the darkness of the stairwell above. It seemed as though there was something decidedly unpleasant/malevolent up there.

There was no way on earth I would have gone up those stairs, and fortunately I didn't have to!

If you have any further questions I would be happy to try to answer them for you. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, and your book "Ghost Cats of the South."
Sincerely, Mary T.>>

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Astrology said...

Regardless of not going up the stairs, what a brave woman. I can't imagine staying alone in a house the size this one appears to be.