Saturday, May 9, 2009


When people are on their death beds they tend to experience ghosts. Most of these experiences are dismissed by others as delusions.

Maybe. Maybe not.

One of the most touching aspects of the nature of dogs and cats is their readiness to provide comfort to, and keep company with, the ill.

And the dying....

And, let's admit it, the recently deceased. Cats and dogs interact with the dead for months and even years after the bodies have been interred. Examples abound.

This is true among their own species and, clearly, among those of other species a dog or a cat may have adopted as family. You, for instance.

It is common for me to hear of a family pet, either dog or cat, continuing to interact with a family member who has passed away. In households who have more than one pet, this is also true when one of their four-legged life companions experience death. I could list dozens of examples I have heard from people who were party to such ghost sensitivity from their family's animals.

I have used examples I have heard as detail and background for stories in both Ghost Dogs of the South and Ghost Cats of the South.

There is another death-bed sort of a ghost I have heard from people who have experienced it. It is a ghost I call The Unknown Comforter. I'll provide a recent true life example in my next blog post.


FARfetched said...

I suppose you had in mind the cat at that nursing home, where they call the families when they see the cat is hanging out with a particular resident?

That's the thing about cats: they pretend you don't care, but they're there for you when you really need comfort. said...

No kidding, Farf! I've heard countless stories of the "adopted" stray who, while present, has almost no interaction with the people and other animls in a new home... Until someone turns up sick.

Then the kitty is suddenly a constant companion of body-contact purring and up-close vigilance. The feel of a purring cat is documented to lower blood pressure, btw. Others have suggested the modulated frequency of a cat's purr hurries broken bones to mend.

Astrology said...

Did you ever write the post on the Unknown Comforter? I'm looking for it.

Anonymous said...

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