Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Many thanks to Zachary Corsa for the honor of having a terrific hot band in Durham North Carolina named after the book!

Ghost Cats of the South is now a band. And Zachary was generous enough to mention the book of the same name on the band's website. Check out the link under websites over in the right column.

Here's how Zach describes the group: "We play a folky alternative country/indie style of music, six of us (guitar, bass, keys, drums, cello, violin), and have begun to gig locally as well as other areas in the state. The name is of course an homage to a book I greatly enjoyed."

Cello! Is this too much fun or what?

P.S. I borrowed the art above form the band's website. You should drop by over there and give their samples an ear. These cats are cookin!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Randy! Hope you can make it to a gig one day soon! Zach

Astrology said...

I recall seeing them when I Googled "Ghost Cats". Where's their YouTube video? C'mon guys, I'm not going to get to Durham anytime soon.