Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kitty Sings to Dead Girl

While in Newberry, South Carolina I was taken aside and told about a family cat in the local household of a mother who had just lost a young daughter to a fatal illness. The cat and girl had been constant companions throughout the young girl's short life.

The mother told me when she brought her daughter's ashes home, the cat fawned over the urn. It stood on its hind legs and batted at the air above it as if playing with something that was there. And then the cat began to mew and sing as it played.

The cat still does it. The mother thinks the cat is talking to the deceased daughter. I wouldn't disagree. Maybe it's quirky of me, but I like to think the daughter may be talking back. I see no harm in that.

Ghost Cats of the South, by Randy Russell. Have you seen a Ghost?

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