Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quirkiest Book of the Week!

Asheville is one of the few places left where the filling stations keep running out of gasoline.

If I can find gas, I'll be driving down Black Mountain soon on my way to the Gaston County Library in Gastonia, North Carolina, this evening to share ghost stories with the Friends of the Library there. It's our debate prep.

Opening my email, on my way out the door, I just discovered that Ghost Cats of the South was named Quirkiest Book of the Week by the august Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Yay!!!!!

The paper did, though, seem to confuse the fact that, while I collect real-life ghost encounters and other living history, I also write stories. Oh well. That's what I get for having more than one interest in life. I think they were expecting a recitation of ghost sightings, instead of fully-developed stories based on the living folklore of the South.

Still, Quirkiest Book of the Week is quite a thrill for both of me.

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